Security and confidentiality

Security threats of various kinds are common these days. This makes greater demands of technology and of everyone involved in our working processes.

High technical security

To safeguard data and the accessibility of our services, we work with monitoring and protection against power cuts affecting our critical systems.

Encrypted file transfer

Files are transferred via our secure client portal. You deliver your files directly via our client portal and the translators in turn deliver their translations via our vendor website. Data communication is via an SSL-encrypted connection.

We monitor developments in data security to safeguard all the information stored with us.

Personal confidentiality agreement

One of the most important aspects of data security is how information is handled by the people who come into contact with it.

We regularly inform our employees and contractors of the importance of treating customer data securely, and update and fine-tune our security procedures on a regular basis. Everyone who works in Semantix’ networks has undertaken to comply with terms and conditions and rules under a personal confidentiality agreement.