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9 beautiful words describing love

9 beautiful words describing love

Did you know that the Dutch have a word to describe the warm feeling of being with your loved ones? Not the easiest concept to translate into English, is it? Here are nine heart-warming words from around the world that can’t be translated.

Published 2/14/2018

At Semantix we have many skilled translators working all over the world, both internally and as freelancers. But sometimes words can’t or shouldn’t be translated. Here are a few examples.

1. Hebrew: Firgun

The simple, unselfish joy that something good has happened to someone else.

2. Yaghan: Mamihlapinatapei

The shared looks of desire between two people too shy to make the first move.

3. Boro: Onsra

The bittersweet feeling that love won’t last.

4. Hindi: Viraha

The realisation of love through separation.

5. Portuguese: Cafuné

To run your fingers through a lover’s hair.

6. Tamil: Oodal

The fake anger lovers display after a tiff.

7. Dutch: Gezelligheid

The warmth of being with loved ones.

8. German: Geborgenheit

The feeling of safety that comes from being with loved ones.

9. Mandarin Chinese: Zhi zi zhi shou, yu zi xie lao

To hold hands and grow old together.


Can you come up with any untranslatable words?

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