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Book an interpreter through the Semantix interpreting service!

We can book you an interpreter round the clock. We have interpreters for conferences or business meetings, interpreters on site by video, or over the phone. As the largest interpreting agency in Europe, we’ve got plenty of specialist interpreters on our books. Book online or phone +46 (0)770-45 74 00.

Which type of interpreting do you need?

On-site interpreting

When you need an interpreter by your side, on-site interpreting is the best option.  On-site interpreting is the traditional form of interpreting.

Telephone interpreting

With telephone interpreting, the person using an interpreter and the client are in the same room but the interpreter provides interpreting over the phone.

Video interpreting

Video interpreting is like telephone interpreting with the user and client in the same room but with the interpreter working via a video link rather than on the phone.

Conference interpreting (simultaneous interpreting)

Simultaneous interpreting at conferences involves the interpreter speaking while the speaker talks, with a 3-5 second delay.

Interpreting at business meetings

The interpreter will accompany you to your meeting and interpret, e.g. at a business negotiation. The interpreter will interpret a few sentences at a time.

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