Regulations and terms & conditions

Basic requirements - interpreting

Semantix's interpreters must have basic interpreting qualifications and interpret in accordance with good interpreting practice.


Basic requirements

We require you to have a complete on-site interpreter education or that you are an authorised interpreter. We also seek those who are already registered as interpreters with Semantix and who want to be re-activated after a period of absence.

If you send in a notification of your interest and go on to an interview, we request before the interview that you send in:

  • verification of interpreter training or authorisation
  • a CV
  • a photo for an interpreter badge
  • a transcript from the police criminal record

We make an assessment of your suitability during the interview. If you go further after the interview, we also require you to sign a confidentiality agreement and a vendor agreement with Semantix

Once we have received all of the information we require and we have approved you, you will be registered with Semantix.


Languages in demand right now

We are continuously looking for interpreters in all languages, but right now, the languages requested most often are:

  • Somali
  • Arabic
  • Tigrinya

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