How to perform quality control for Semantix

The purpose of Quality Control is to check an assignment – entirely or with a spot-check – before delivery to our client.


The main focus should be to find actual errors, comments on style should be kept to a minimum.

If you are required to do a spot-check, please mark which segments you start and finish.

We calculate a productivity of about 2,000 word/hour.

How to proceed

  1. Revise each target segment against its source segment. The information should be identical; nothing added, nothing omitted, and the translation linguistically correct.
  2. Check all segments, including 100% segments, unless otherwise instructed. Grey “Context Match” segments have been previously locked by the client; the translator is not responsible for them.
  3. Make any necessary changes in the target segment.
  4. Add a comment if you want to communicate with the translator or ask something. Please remember always to communicate in a respectful way.
  5. Fill out the Revision Report, according to the instructions, only counting the same error once.
  6. Don’t forget the general comment. It is very helpful for us to get a quick idea of the quality.