Regulations and terms & conditions

The portal for your translation assignments

Our customer portal enables you to manage all your projects with ease. This is where you submit and collect files, and can see project overviews. With the highest technical security, of course.

Submit and collect files

Once you have uploaded your files and reference material, it is easy for our project leaders to access the information and quickly initiate the translation. When the translation is finished, you collect the translated files directly via the portal.

Project overview

The portal gives you a clear view of your translation projects' status. You get an overview of each project's parts, their status, who placed the order and what files have been uploaded. You can add more files, and collect files when they have been translated.


The portal uses 128-bit SSL encryption for file transfers. We require strong passwords with at least eight characters, using upper and lower case letters as well as numbers. Passwords are stored hashed and salted in our databases so they cannot be retrieved by unauthorized people. Passwords must be changed regularly.

Start using the portal

If you would like to use the portal, please contact your project manager. You will be given a one-time password that you must change the first time you log in. Once you have changed your password, you can start using the portal immediately. Please note that all  accounts are personal, and may be used only by the person given the login details.

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