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Translation of websites and CMS

Semantix makes the process of translating your website trouble-free. We have a considerable amount of experience, technical expertise and quality-assured, uncomplicated processes that you can rely on. Did you know that the inclination to buy or act increases by 25% if you receive information in your native language?

Uncomplicated translation process

We set up a skilled project team based on your company’s requirements, customise appropriate technical solutions and develop an efficient workflow. All you need to do is provide us with the content, we’ll do the rest.

Cost-effective translations

We have technical solutions that enable us to translate the original files immediately, cutting out any lengthy conversion phase, making the translation process more cost-effective. We can handle all file formats, including XML, XLF or HTML.

Updates in several languages

Updating a website in several languages can be a time-consuming and complex task. With our many years of experience we can swiftly develop a flexible workflow that is adapted to your technical environment.

Confidentiality and secure file management

The people who work on your assignments are bound by confidentiality agreements. Your files are handled using encrypted file transfer (SSL) via our customer portal.

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