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Private individuals, click here.

We have stopped accepting translation work for private individuals. On the Kammarkollegiet website you can find authorized translators in Sweden by searching for your required language combination.

Are you a business or a contract customer?

Here you can place orders according to Kammarkollegiet's agreement for language and translation services. We will return with a quote only for volumes over 10,000 words.

Here you can place an order or get a quote. Place your order or get a quote here if you have an agreement with Semantix. In order to offer the prices and terms in line with your agreement, we need to get back to you once we have received your order.

Here you can place an order or get a free quote. A quote is calculated automatically if your file contains 2,000 words (about 5-6 pages) or less. If you have more text than that we will get back to you within one working day with a free quote. You are of course free to choose to order now or later.

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    • *The minimum price for an order is 950 SEK (excl. VAT)
    • We want to deliver the highest quality in the fastest time. We will contact you with details of pricing and terms and conditions once we have received your enquiry.

    Unfortunately we are unable to provide an immediate price based on the material and the information you have provided. We will get back to you within one work day with a quotation that meets your specific requirements.

    Because you have chosen express delivery, we need to get back to you with details of pricing and terms and conditions. We are currently unable to provide an immediate price for your chosen language combination. Request a quotation, and we’ll contact you within 24 hours with details of pricing.

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